Air Conditioning – Comfort, Safety, Health

The air conditioning system ensures maximum comfort during car journeys 12 months a year. The inside of the vehicle is kept at a pleasantly constant temperature, meaning that you can concentrate for longer and arrive at your destination safely.

That’s not all the air conditioning system has to offer. Alongside keeping you and your passengers cool on hot days, it makes sure the air inside the vehicle is dehumidified quickly, in other words, misted up windows clear quicker and dehumidified air is better for your health.

Air, Water, Dirt

A new or well-serviced air conditioning system is filled 100% with refrigerant and does not contain air, water or dirt. Every year, up to 10% of the refrigerant can escape from the air conditioning system due to natural evaporation. Over a longer period of time, air and humidity penetrate the system. This can be aided even further by leaks caused by stones thrown up from the road or porous sealing “O” rings. This can lead to the filter-drier becoming saturated very quickly and preventing it from absorbing humidity. If this happens, the air conditioning system no longer performs to full capacity.

Routine Maintenance

With your health in mind, you should have air conditioning system serviced at regular intervals (every 24 months). The focus should be on three important factors in particular.

  1. Refrigerant
    The air conditioning system should be serviced every 24 months to remove air, water or dirt from the system and refilling with 100% refrigerant to ensure perfect performance.
  2. The evaporator
    Regular disinfection of the evaporator is essential to prevent bacteria, spore and micro-organisms breeding in your vehicle. These enter the interior through the ventilation system and can cause unpleasant allergic reactions in some people.
  3. Interior (pollen) filter
    This filter is important to clean the air inside the vehicle, it prevents pollen, dust, dirt and many other impurities entering your vehicle. The interior filter should be replaced every 12 months.

Regular inspection and servicing of the air conditioning system can prevent sudden failure and save you a lot of trouble and money. For example, when a mechanically damaged AC compressor has to be replaced, the necessary cleaning of the system and the replacement of other components can quickly run up a repair bill of £800.