We can provide professional servicing and maintenance


  • For new vehicles as well.
  • For all vehicle models of any age
  • Complete with manufacturer and mobility guarantee
  • Recording of all work in the service booklet

Are you one of those people who think that a new vehicle has to be serviced in a manufacturer’s workshop to avoid losing warranty coverage? If so, we can assure you that any qualified workshop is allowed to perform such work – without affecting the warranty obligation of the manufacturer.

At Anderson Clark Motor Repairs, vehicle servicing is always performed on the basis of the manufacturer’s specifications. Our technicians closely scrutinise every component and checks a whole range of safety systems – from the engine to the electronics and the brakes.

They will also change your oil and replace the filter, top up any fluids as required and replace defective or worn parts with top quality spares should you require it. This not only maintains the value of your vehicle but also ensures no loss of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.